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Connecting talented young people with ideas and skills to start new business ventures.

Many young people waste their talent and skills, being unemployed, doing jobs that are far away from their desired occupations or even doing jobs just to support the career they actually wish to have.
The Dreamcatcher is a framework and a support platform for organization of events where young skilled people can connect and network. At a Dreamcatcher event, people with skills and people with business ideas are introduced to each other, creating new connections that enable their business ideas and dreams to become true. Dreamcatchers are made very casual for attendees, however, they are carefully curated by Dreamcatcher Connectors. A Connector selects the applicants and learns about their backgrounds. During the event, Connectors encourage interactions among attendees.
Volunteers and organizations such as regional development agencies, local governments or universities can use the platform to become Connectors and organize their own local Dreamcatcher event.

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