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Towards pleasant inspections in the Rotterdam hospitality industry

Entrepreneurs and inspectors both aim for attractive, vibrant and safe establishments. This case provides solu

Throughout the years, the amount of rules to which entrepreneurs in the hospitality business have to abide and the necessary controls for this have become a significant burden.
It was assumed that especially the amount and durance of these (physical) inspections were experienced as troublesome. However, our field research showed that not the (idea of the) inspection itself was experienced as a nuisance, but the way in which they were being conducted.

Inspectors are experienced as being too high-handed and punishing. For entrepreneurs it seems that inspectors don't understand the way of things in the hospitality business and that they don't understand what the idea was behind their inspections. Also, it often happens that the same questions are asked in separate vistas, causing unnecessary irritations.

Inspections could become much more pleasant when both parties realize that they are pursuing the same goal: an attractive, vibrant and safe establishment, where regulations are applied the correct context.

In order to achieve this, four possible solutions are introduced. First, inspectors will gain real life experience in a specific type of hospitality-establishment, by means of a short internship. Second, inspection visits are divided into a 'hard' inspection and an assisting and consulting function. In order to assist these visits and to guarantee transparency for entrepreneurs, an application will be developed which highlights areas of attention in the several disciplines. Last, inspections will become rewarding of nature instead of being punishing. This is reflected in the form of a 'seal of approval' which signals that the entrepreneur is doing a good job.



Claudia van Zwieren
Jacqueline Philippen
Joost Witsenburg
Karin van den Driesche
Martijn van Halem
Thijs Weenk

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