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Smart Pass Smart Connection


"More Convenience in Daily Life" would be our goal to achieve in this public service jam2014!.
Focusing at the Mass Rapid Transit system in BKK City; BTS,MRT,Airport Rail Link...and so on.
We create smart and flow connection service yet trust system into one smart pass and
developed circulation flow with easily reading graphic and color painting along the path.
With our new smart ticket, the security door were get rid of from the circulation in order to
fasten the traffic flow of users. One way ticket will be more convenience with the system
of pick and go, for the payment will be happened along the ride.
Top-up ticket will be separated with One-way pass by the fast flow lane, without any barrier to
interrupt the circulation flow. The interactive floor will recognize the smart ticket weather it
sit at any part of your body, in the any case of the problems, the color will show as red color.
In that case you will have turn your direction in to one way security ticket or contact the officer
to solve the problem.
We hope this system model can be use in any transportation services and We will to create the faster and better connection service system in every daily life.

Creative Commons Licence