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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

O Canada Tweets

Bringing you a #GOC Twitter Guarantee through a service standard on response times and internal gamification.

The #GOC is not currently seen as a trusted source of timely information. We seek to address this by prototyping a new public service standard for timely responses (within 24 business hours by January 1, 2015) addressed to a new whole-of-Government Twitter account. This new service standard will be socialized and enforced through a gamification mechanism internal to the federal public service, called the #GOC Twitter Guarantee Leaderboard. Departmental rankings will be visible to all public servants and overall whole-of-government results will be reported to Canadians annually through the pre-existing Service Canada Performance Scorecard.

Our project includes:
- a prototyped Service Standard;
- a prototyped Twitter account;
- a prototyped Customer Satisfaction Survey;
- a prototyped poster to promote the new Twitter account;
- a prototyped #GOC Twitter Guarantee Leaderboard; AND
- a creative video to summarize the project!


Margot Challborn, Government of Alberta
Sarah Chan, NRCan
Nathalie Leclerc, ESDC
Jeffrey Neto, CSPS
Manal Salabi, PHAC
Elizabeth Threader, PHAC
Darren Touch, SC

Creative Commons Licence