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Public transport and mobility are still big challenges for metropolitan areas

We've designed a process to improve the urban mobility with the help of the citizens since they are the real experts. We hope citizens will have a great experience and feel empowered, so will be willing to engage them in new participation projects. We want to make them feel part of the City Hall decision processes.
How long will it take? The project will last 5 weeks. The first week we will make a campaign to inform people about the process, to create awareness. The campaign will take place in an itinerant way (always near the citizen, on the streets and on social networks). Each week we will collect information asking people in one of the most crowded metropolitan railway stations on each district. We will collect proposals through other channels too, as for instance our website, our blog, socials networks, e-mails...).
Then administration technicians will expose an abstract with the results of the gathered information. After that we will constitute an assembly to discuss each issue and decide on feasible projects. The assambly will be constituted both by citizens and by administration technicians. All citizens will have the chance to participate online. There will be also the chance to participate at public spaces such as civic centers. The resulting projects will be prototyped so citizens will participate on the final decision, too.
Afterwards we will inform everyone about the agreeements taken throught our website.

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