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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

#GOV easy access feedback channel for teenagers

Let us know what Government needs to do for you

How did it feel like when you were 16?
Did it seem sometimes, that your ideas are mature, but non of the adults wants to listen to them?

Well public services in fact care a lot about how do teens reflect on their work.

Project scope:
Involving youth to influence city and society. Easy access tool to generate and gather the opinions of youth. How to better use the existing channels for public sector decision making.
1 campaigning the hashtag, hastags have general coding for different sectors and actors
2 users bringing their views on our eyes
3 moderators retweet, like, streaming with tagboards, fb, twitter
4 government officials receiving and generating the info

Wonderful things happening:)

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