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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


Let's get the public administrators out of their buildings, to meet real people!

We want to build a team of professionals inside the public administration, who go out of the office to talk to people of the neighborhoods and listen to them actively, detect the problems, commit to solve them, and take a holistic action involving relevant stakeholders; e.g: internal workers, companies, citizens, entrepreneurs, NGO, etc)

Distrust in public administration is growing at an exponential rate, people do not rely on public administrator to solve their problems as they are very slow sometimes and have a lot of burocracy. They prefer to find a solution with family and friends.

We want to bring public administrators among citizens to start listening to their problems, empathise and build real relationship. Our goal is to create a direct contact, personalising the service, providing a new perception of public administration.

Public employees get selected to join the "GovMen" program. Whoever joins the program agree to go on field, listen to citizens, collect insights about their needs, try to find solutions/alternatives on a holistic way and compromise to do a follow up with them.

Benefit: People will trust again in public administration, increase citizens level of relationship with public services, getting close to them in a meaningful way.

Find our video presentation here!!! on our google community:


Iva, Ramon, Eva, Robert, Lluisa, Marzia

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