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Same-Sex Marriage

How could we legalize same-sex marriage in Taiwan?



Same- sex is a controversial topic in Taiwan. Different groups propose diversified opinions toward this topic. As LGBT-friendly people, we want to create a solution which help our friends get the right to love proudly.

Same-sex marriage is a part of human rights. Although Taiwanese NGOs tried to put same-sex marriage to the law, there is still a lot of people don't understand LGBT group and still against them and their rights. By our experiences, if someone has real contact with LGBT friends, they'll not only be more open-minded to this group, but also force to face the privilege of ourselves. Since wedding party is so important that give every bride so much stress and depression. We create a website there a lot of experts of taking photos, making up, and setting parties. At the same time, they're LGBT people. Through this wedding party, we hope the couple and their family will interact with and understand LGBT group more. While these newly wedding couples feel satisfied with their weddings, they might find that these LGBT friends still can't get married with each other legally. Thus, they can put their opinions to the website to support them and get 5% discount in return of their support.

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