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Youth Civic Engagement

Giving our young citizens the opportunity to say "Yeah, Nah".

There is a perception that the views and opinions of young people are not heard or respected by local government. This perception seems to play out in the form of low levels of participation and engagement by youth in local government processes. We wanted to find out why. Was it an issue of trust? Trust in the process, and trust in the people. What are the barriers to creating more trust?

We hit the streets to find out from both the youth on the streets, and the front line staff in local government how they saw the situation. We discovered that there was plenty of willingness, but each was on a different channel. So we have created a 3 step digital engagement process to get young people involved and grow confident in participating in local issues that affect them.

Step 1 uses a phone app that enables youth to express and share their views among friends and social networks. Step 2 uses device friendly web tools that enable easy access to and sharing of information. Step 3 includes the ability to actively contribute to the identification and prioritization of issues that are important to the users. It uses 'live' data so that the participants can immediately see the impact of their involvement, and the cumulative impact of others.

By providing a platform for open, honest, and real time conversations, trust can be restored to the process of civic engagement.

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