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Trust Bridge

Trust us to get your opinion heard

Trust Bridge puts people in control of the services they encounter by allowing them to make suggestions, provide feedback, request an action or make a complaint ON THEIR OWN TERMS, via a responsive website, or a downloadable app.

These are then passed on the the organisation providing the service using established routes and the person is told what they can expect, based both on published response times, AND on data from other users submissions.

In this way, Trust Bridge helps highlight which organisations are Trustworthy, and tells you when your Trust might be misplaced.

Check out the prototype here

Our research showed that big reason people don't complain, is that they don't Trust that anything will happen. So why should they?

We also found out that organisations want feedback, and will make do with complaints, though they would rather have positive feedback. Whilst an organisation would HAVE to sign-up with Trust Bridge, there is a clear route to gathering useful intelligence for those that do.

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