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Local community service for encouraging the elderly's social engagement in the ageing society

BRIDGING THE GAP is a local community service that connects the students in school and the seniors in the community.

One of the seniors provides the service as a coordinator and delivers the messages between the students and the seniors.

Through this service, the seniors can share their life experience with the group of students and they are rewarded with ‘Thanks badge’ from the students. It is also a good chance for students to build up a close relationship with the older generation who could potentially be their community mentors.

Meanwhile, the students get to hear about what kind of help the local seniors need from the coordinator. The students can then group up to help the seniors, ranging from running little errands to helping them learn new skills or technologies.

This service provides the opportunity to meet other generations in the community and potentially build up close relationships and trust between each other by doing what they are good at.

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