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Treasure Hunting, children's happiness, education environment

Try to creat children's happy life and guide to build their dream.

"Score is the best goal in school life?"

In Korea, children having a tough life and stressed of studying. From 8am to 10pm, middle school students stay in the school. However, they don't know the reason why studying everyday.

Present Korean education system can not support the way to find student's dream or path where to go.
Students are curious about many hobbies, and hobbies could be a motivation of improving their dream in the future.
However, lack of information, concentration and care system Korean school have.

'Jamdda' team wanted to help Korean students and also the future of our world. Moreover, "Treasure Hunting" website platform will create new network between students and mentors. Mentor will share their skill for students who want to learn playing music instrument, sports, art, etc.

We believed in the 'Treasure Hunting' can be the great start to encourage Korean children life and also Education environment.


Thank you so much!

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