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SF Refit

Charting the journey for the homeless

With a better understanding of the current fears around and barriers to transitioning off the streets, we can design better processes to help folks take Step 1. For many, there is a desire for situation change; but, there also seems to be a fear of change or uncertainty around what to do next or how to get started.

We found that the lack of an identification card poses a significant barrier. Without an ID card, one can't apply for food stamps, semi permanent housing, or a job.

While there are some services currently available that attempt to ease the long process of obtaining an ID card, the access to such services is not ideal for many folks. These large events cover everything from healthcare to housing and occur only a few times a year; as a result, they attract a large crowd, creating an environment often perceived as intimidating, overwhelming, and just too much. Furthermore, process abandonment is significant, as one must wait 6-8 weeks to pickup the card from an alternative location.

Our concept is to reimagine the delivery of this service, specifically focusing on smaller micro-community events, leveraging the local leaders or "mayors" in those communities to rally peers to give the process a chance. And, as the service is a self-contained process - the service is brought to you, you learn about the benefits of an ID, apply for an ID, and walk away with an ID in hand - issues like process abandonment can be reduced. Now, armed with both a tangible representation and the knowledge of opened doors, one can leave with a clearer idea of how to proceed with courage, confidence and conviction.


Jason Ham
Nitya Kanuri
Chiara Ogan
Lindsay Vetell
Mike Youngblood

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