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Team of GovBusters patrols the city. It reaches even remote areas. The citizens who usually don’t participate in the public dialog have a chance to talk to the officers, settle certain matters such as applying for a passport or reporting a problem. They can also share their ideas on how to improve the quality of life in their neighbourhood. The route of the car is settled by the management centre according to citizens needs and city policies. The residents know about the arrival of the car thanks to an acoustic signal emitted by the car.

The GovBusters team appears after citizens’ calls. The team helps residents to find the solution of a problem, they lead them through formal procedures.

GovBusters team patrols a city, finds problems and takes an action to solve them. Thanks to the contact with command center GovBusters interveniens quickly and efficiently (command center has knowledge about city hall structure and knows how to deal with its’ procedures).

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