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Life Coach

Life Coach is a way of supporting vulnerable people in communities

Governments in western countries take draconic measurements in order bring back their finances within the budget. The magic word that the local government in the Netherlands use is "eigen kracht" your own strength. Citizens are called to use their own network before asking for help from the government. For many people it is actually good to think twice bfore you ask for government assistance, but for many elderly, unemployed, or people with some kind of a handicap, it is often impossible to look after yourself and be strong.

Life coach is a approach that combines modern technology and combines this with old fashioned neighbor ship. Life coach brings the people in your neighborhood together and make sure that neighbors will regain trust. Through trust people will feel safe and take responsibility. Once trust is accomplished, people in the neighbor will ask for help and will share their resources .

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Marcel Kasteleijn, Tim Overkamp, Wijnand Renden, Margo Lommers, Henk Loos

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