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Unknown common public spaces

Unexplored common public spaces unmapped

Unknown, Unexplored and dangerous territories, Unreachable points in the maps and forbidden areas can be called the tunnels underground Tirana, build in the communist time to protect against the enemy, Secret information unenviable to citizens for decades, No forgotten, hidden and covered by the fast development.
The lack of Public spaces, for playing recreating, street arts etc, is always present, the HC SVNT DRACONES, theme woke up the Tunnels in our minds, to propose them as public service offer of common places to the communities. To whom belong the Tunnels? Now they are common spaces that don’t exists
To questions those issues are unknown for the people that are acceptable as they are because they were always there or were told so. What we taken as unchangeable in our works or more in our lives?
Public asset build by voluntary work of previous generation as a wrong policy of danger perception
They are out of the map of Tirana and google, we don’t think about them, we take them as they are as they don’t belong to us, are not part of our day lives, nor part of our thoughts or our history. We don’t want to be identified by them because of their dark history of underground tunnels, this part embarrasses us, trying to escape blaming it, laughing at it, avoiding it, glorifying it, ignoring it, but the hard fact is that it exists, as part of the history that we did together, degrading into spaces that pray for life that ask for aiming their existence
Lack of public spaces
start it from the neighborhood…the smallest nuclei of the city
Discover hiding assets—what’s the nearest
Clean and transform—(public private collaboration)
Involve the inhabitants
Give them back to citizens, improve your services,
Service steps proposed to municipality
1. Open a campaign for the awareness of the tunnels ---ask citizens
“If it’s your space what will you do with it? “ Emergency exists in case of danger? Art space? Experimental areas ? Meeting points ? Museums ? Concert hall ?
2. Make transparent and visualize their history and other technical information
3. Finding the tracks, mapping location
4. Revitalization process—Cleaning from garbage, restoring , Safety implementation projects
5. Pilot Testing ----first activities in the tunnels , Visualizing- attracting entrances


Alma Fataj, Ela Goxhaj, Mira Abazaj, Marinela Sota, Leida Resuli, Dashi Poci, Refation Dobi, Eri Nasi, Kedis Burrja, Silvi Jano, Aida Nelaj, Kalterina Shulla ( Ema, Noeli, Darti, Vivien, Ditio) The Home Social Club

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