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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Game of Loan$

Hunting Through the Foggy Markets

A government offered TVGameSHOW that uses reality tv storytelling devices to engage and educate viewers about how the financial market is built, how it works, how it’s managed, and how it can be used. Its purpose is to empower citizens in making their financial decisions.

Summary of the TVGameSHOW
- Contestants receive a fixed credit amount to play in the real financial market.
- Representants of financial institutions allure contestants to make bets.
- A didactic kit elaborated and compiled by a “government simplification department” is available to all contestants
- Contestants may in addition hire independent financial consultants.
- Popular public figures with some voice in finance will analyse/judge failures and successes.

Interactive Online Game
- Parallel online game that anyone can play. The online version provides access to the same government didactic kit.
- Viewers that want to participate can play with virtual money.
- Interesting online cases will be mentioned and discussed on the show.

The choice of a Reality TV and interactive format is based on the intention of reaching a large and variegated audience.


Yosef Shuman
Ashwin Gopi
Filipa Tomaz
Nilufer Polat
Bertha Jimenez

Creative Commons Licence