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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Govern Gate

Learn - Engage - Make a Difference

Our original question was: How might we redefine how government decisions best reflect what the public desires / needs?

Our service is to allow the public to go to one site, called Govern Gate (the gateway for all aspects of government). The concept of this site is to be able to find out about ALL government information. There would be opportunities for the public to be engaged and informed on items.

This service would be run and managed by an agency that receives funding from all levels of government. The content would be provided, updated and maintained by government groups, other than public "sections" on the site, including discussion boards. The overall site is run by the agency.

All federal, provincial and municipal governments and their groups would be encouraged to participate, although it would not be mandatory. There would be “encouragement” for government groups to participate more fully as there would be pressure from the public, from the agency who is running this site, and from other government groups to get on board with this initiative.
The site would allow people to have an impact on government decisions and to learn about a wide variety of government topics. This service would be introduced by educating the public about it. The three main areas are to learn, to become more engaged and to make an impact. Any level of participation from the public is encouraged.

Before the go-live of the site, there would be public education about the existence of this site, done via a variety of media formats.
What the site is all about:

* Can search on this site for any topics (broad or narrow) that interests the user and can then find out about: all research and projects going on for this topic; any opportunities for your voice to be heard; who to contact in ANY level of government who should be contacted on this topic; other sites / locations that have further information.
* The "search" done on this site will connect across ALL government websites as well as with the content on the site.
* there are options for users to sign up and log in for discussion boards, etc., but this is not mandatory
* there is an opportunity for users to contact people on the site re: any issues; any further info that they want to see; any new ideas for this site
* Also, metrics are being collected on the site to know what people are searching about and top topics that are being searched
There are different levels of government engagement that can occur:
* at a minimum, this site would link and search through all government sites - this does not require government groups to be on-board
* for the interaction elements (e.g.: surveys, focus groups, etc.), this section would require that the various government groups are involved, as these are their items, events, surveys, etc. that are being used. These items would be updated and written by specific government staff members who have accounts and access to this site.

Future: NGOs (Non-government organizations) would be invited to create and have accounts as well so that they can update the site about any upcoming events and interactive opportunities that they are hosting. Apps and mobile options to be added. Also, respond and updated as users request - be open for new suggestions


Logo and all graphics and design work: Angelina Chu
Final video (video, voices and "puppeteer"): Wendy Hart
Facilitator: Barry Bender

Overall team:
Barry Bender, Adam Popper, Jenn Chan, Angelina Chu, Wendy Hart, Denis

Creative Commons Licence