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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


Participá, es tu ciudad!

Uso de crowdsourcing (participación ciudadana) para reportar necesidades comunitarias. Utilizar el valor de la presión social para generar acción y transparencia en registro y respuesta de necesidades locales.

Problem to solve:
The local government of the Montes de Oca community receives constant reports related to community issues, internal communication is cumbersome thus response to this problems is limited.

Proposed solution:
Citizens will take ownership of community needs by taking the first step in reporting them via a mobile app and/or website. These reports will be redirected to the appropriate department in the local government in charge of corrective action and statistics will be generated which will provide transparency and awareness regarding reported open issues vs local government response and efficiency in attending needs.

Real citizen ownership of community issues
Traceability on specific solutions
Reporting simplification
Reduced non value added tasks for local government administrative staff
Automatic routing and categorization of city needs
Effective prioritization.


Keyla Abrego - Jammer
Rodrigo Arturo Calderon - Jammer
Ivon Carballo - Jammer
Eduardo Chongkan - Jammer
Karen Loria - Jammer
Luis Diego Rojas - Jammer
*Gerardo Cruz (Logo)

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