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Dragon Hunter

Report city problems, become an expert hunter and kick all dragons away

Dragon Hunter is a project which allows citizens to be an active part in the process of maintenance of the city and in the improvement of its usability.
By means of a platform, called every citizen who wants to participate, can spot all areas in which "SUNT DRACONES", acting as a human scanner on the urban territory: he/she will be able to report from minor to bigger problematics that could be found on the streets,from security problems, to vandalism; from specific city needs to social issues.
The platform is formed by a website and a mobile application: by registering to the platform the citizen get the status of "Dragon Hunter" with the possibility of reporting issues and ask for interventions.
Every report is then visible on the website, allowing people to see who is reporting, what and when.
In real time a map on the website will reports all "dragons" the Public Administrators have to chase.
At this stage the other citizens and PA can rate and comment the reports, giving feedbacks and increasing (or decreasing) the "hunter"'s reputation.
By providing this platform the PA will have the opportunity to see all possible/needed interventions in the city as proposed by hunters, quickly enabling strategies of interventions and reporting - on the same platform - all data, costs and time to achieve the maximum level of transparency in it relationship with the citizens.

On the other hand the advantages for the citizens are tangible on two levels: by participating and reporting problems the hunters activate a process which leads to a faster solution, while by visiting the website all citizens can comment both reports (by hunters) and solutions (by PA).

Reputation play also an important role, selecting those citizens which really work for the common good and not just reporting inconsistent situations. For this reason hunters can be "categorized" according the kind of reports they make and achieve different "status" until being rewarded yearly as the "best Dragon Hunter" of the city.


Bilge Ozkan
Stephano Anfossi
Fabrizio Pierandrei

Creative Commons Licence