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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


Let's join a design jam session in your neighborhood!

In this case the dragons are the communication between P.A. and citizens and also among the citizens. The service called Co-Square starts from everyday life problems to be solved by Design Jam Sessions in their streets involving directly citizens.
Co-Square is a service which helps citizens to design their own neighborhood by joining directly jam sessions focused on specific issues they care about. Co-Square is a digital platform that helps citizens to share opinions, to communicate to each other, to collect agreements from other neighbors in order to let the quarter committee organize design jam sessions. The users are able to check the development of projects after the design jam sessions in order to be visible to everybody.
They will be organized on the streets, where anyone could partecipate.
During these jam sessions designers are facilitators that bring tools and methods differently from traditional co-design sessions.
From the point of view of the P.A. the advantages are: improve the city life, get sustainable solutions, reduce the cost, resources and time
From the point of view of the citizens the advantages are: improve dialogue with P.A., improve the neighborhood life, reinforce the relationships in the community.
Co-Square is designed for the city of Milan, but it can be easily replied in other cities.

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