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Epic Tuesday Helsinki

Increasing alcohol-free happiness and social interaction

What could the true Happy Hour be like?

Alcohol causes a lot of social problems in Finland. The heavy-drinking culture is also connected to the increasing amount of mental problems in the country. Alcohol and mental problems connected to it create a huge pressure on public healthcare. It is a pressure that is impossible to handle with only traditional approaches and methods.

So far the issue of heavy-drinking has been approached with campaigns that are negative and patronizing in nature. In this project we are looking into new and positive ways of tackling the problem among young adults. The goal is to change the mindsets of these young people, to help them see that bars are not only venues for getting wasted, but have many more aspects to them. We want to encourage a new kind of bar culture - a culture of conversation, interaction and good time.


Marit Coehoorn, Juan Vertiz, Sharoon Negrete, Suvi Kajamaa, Johanna Laukkanen.

Plus all the people who have given their interesting thoughts and insights on the issue!

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