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Pop-up material recycling workshops in urban public space

CONCEPT: Utilize potential value in hidden resources of industrial materials

Use existing interaction points in urban public space (parks, markets, rail stations, harbors, airports, etc.) for on-site pop-up recycling WORKSHOPS. The test scenario focuses on transforming basic materials (for example, concrete, bricks, scrap metal) >>> into things like dishes, plant boxes, clothing, jewelry, or art. The workshop would be an educational and information-exchange opportunity for both participants and facilitators. The participants could also receive a take-home kit to bring new materials skills into more complex projects after the workshop (gardens, fences, home repairs, art + craft).

We know that domestic garbage nowadays is being separated in bins in order to be recycled. But what happens with industrial waste, for example from construction and demolition? Where does it go NOW, and what else could be done with it in the FUTURE? Industrial waste is like old DRAGONS, hidden in lairs of far//away landfills. Maybe if we knew a little bit more about it we could use the hidden potential.

The Pop-up lab appears in summer for one week in eight different public spaces in order to have creativity workshops where used materials are transformed into new objects. People can explore new ways of thinking about waste and throwing stuff away.


+ JOINING POINT between industries and public in order to find potential links and learn how to manage resources in a sustainable way
+ Landfill tax savings (for example, landfill tax for 1 ton of material is about €50 / a small truck can carry material = €2000)
+ Environmental impact (CO2 reduction from less new material manufacturing and transport, soil chemistry effects, etc.)


+ Contact local sponsors to be involved in the project who may have a space or resources to contribute
+ Contact artists and designers to make some pieces for the exhibition space so people can be inspired and amused by example works
+ Plan different activities for the workshops customized for each community
+ Print the take-away activity book
+ Design the space

We put our container at the workshop location for two days before opening to build interest. People can see the exhibition from outside during those days. To launch the opening, workshop leaders will arrive in promotional bicycles -- (as a Hammeling piper he/she will invite local people to join). We expect people to have a good time, joining in groups of about 10 people, to have fun + be creative. They can take the activity book home to begin new long-term projects on their own. In the pop-up lab there will also be information of our sponsors' recycling networks. If someone is interested, the labs may be a contact point for finding materials to use in community or personal projects.

After visiting this year's pop-cycle locations, our invited artists and designers will select the best of the resulting objects from the workshops in order to be part of next year's exhibition. As a result, we expect benefits for all the involved PARTICIPANTS, SPONSORS, and the ENVIRONMENT.




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