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Nevedę aistruoliai

Engaging citizens in order to make the city lively

- Klaipeda residents are pretty passive in attendance and participation in city life
- Problem to tackle: how to make events attractive for people to come
- Solution: creating an infrastructure by the Dane river (city center) to attract all residents groups. Improved infrastructure including a leisure zone to chill out, with a family zone for babies and toddlers, and a wellness area for all, followed by a vegetable-pot area and a public orchard/garden. The other side of the river featuring a fishermen area with fish sellers, boats, rental services for a picnic on the river, and an Etno-zone on a hill, for traditional and folkloric events, calendar-festivals, concerts.
- Prototype: we focused specifically on the vegetable-pot area, creating the customer experience map [see pictures].


Vaiva Pelanytė, Ieva Pikžirnytė, Edgaras Zaltauskas, Sandra Saukalaite

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