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Pop Up Street Sport


Pop Up Street Sport is a proposal from the local administration in order to create new opportunities for young people to meet themselves and play sports on the public space. A dinamization programme based on the use of resources already built, as is the public space, and an active webplatform, demonstrating the double dimension physical-virtual of the relationships of today.
After detecting the need of the young people to meet different ones in the biggest cities, due to the lack of activities and informal meeting spots, this project try to offer the opportunity to create temporary sport fields. The solution to their need goes through giving the young people, between 16 and 25 years old, the chance not only to participate but also to organise any kind of sport event, so as to make visible their interests and responsabilities as well as their ability to manage different situation.
The project aims the young to propose the activites indivudally or collectively, and allows the participation as players or spectators. And it also expects to integrate different profiles, althought at the very first moment it is ordered to youngs.
The structure of the project works on a web platform that can give the citizen all the information about it, agenda, location, participants past events, as well as it lets the users to propose new events. It is linked to the social networks to make a better diffusion of the activities. Once the proposal it's done, space and sport the organiser has to book the pop up box equiped with all the necessary in order to build a simple but functional field wherever they have choosen. The last task that the administration has to do before the event is to make sure that the space is free of cars, in the case that the space would be a daily transited street. And afterwards the organiser together with the administrations have to assure that the public space turns to its original state.
Finally the web would be not only a communication platform but also a social network that gather together differents information and data of past events, as well as, the past locations in order not to repeat them, and be aware to give opportunities all over the city.
It is a programme of social dinamization and citizen empowerement. Where the users of the service can solve a need they have at the same time that they become conscious of their responsaibilies and rights over the public spaces.


Frederick Van den Bruek, Luisa Parera, Jorge Rodriguez Nieto, Rosa Martinez y Elia Hernando

Creative Commons Licence