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How might we better the relationship between People and their Government

Entrepreneurializing Public Services


We want to encourage Deputy Ministers to take look at great ideas from the grassroots and give those ideas a heavy dose of fertilizer.

We want to harness Engaged Citizens who want to solve problems with their government, but don't know where to start.

We want to create the Public Services Incubator.


-Create a "Brainstorm Platform" where citizens and public servants can propose ideas and build on them.

-Create a fund dedicated to Deputy Ministers and give them the opportunity to become Angel Investors into public services.

-Add incentives for Deputy Ministers to "claim" ideas from the Brainstorm Platform and make sure the ideas turn into real-life changes.

-Create a nurturing environment where Social Services Entrepreneurs can develop a working relationship with public servants.

-Foster a culture of innovative and open risk-taking for the public good.


Jeff, Katherine, Agnes, Schruti, Bernard, Richard

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