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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Community meeting in a Box

Finding ways for local voices to be heard - without having to go to a meeting!

*** View images from our project at this link : ***

Our project was based on the theme of "Focus".

Members of the public expressed a need for a bigger voice in community matters but without knowing how to do this, and often without the time or confidence to want to find out.

Our idea developed into a roadmap for a tiered programme which would allow local leaders and groups to broaden their reach and engage better with their community. By giving people the opportunity to stream the meeting online, take comments/votes from remote viewers at the time and after the event this would allow more people to take part.

Feedback was also a key concern, so notifications of received comments as well as resolutions to issues would be important to the solution. This would reduce the amount of disenfranchisement that users cited when discussing when they had tried to have their say in the past.

We called this solution "the box" because resources, and equipment (such as a tablet/webcam) would be available as required by the individual group and delivered in a box (preferably through their letter box so they don't have to go to the post office if they miss it), ready to use.


Here is a run through of the three days (from Jen's notes):

- Leeds is HQ this year so international organisers are with us
- Drew lolly pop versions of ourselves
- Did human bingo
- Watched intro video and secret theme revealed...
- "What does it make you think of?" post its create a wide range of answers
- Post its are grouped into themes and we split to discuss one
- I chose Focus and thought about it from a personalisation, citizen engagement and collective intelligence perspective

- Origami instructions game
- Introduction to Service design
- Split back into theme groups
- Plan testing questions
- Guerrilla testing in Leeds city centre (x10 people in ~45 minutes)
- Brainstorm findings and identify themes
- Build Lego model of a residents meeting and house and bus etc
- Create a user journey
- Prototype key screens
- Draw up a shop bulletin board!
- Video called with Miami Govjam
- Presented the prototype at show and tell

- Competitive rock, paper, scissors game
- Iterate prototype based on presentation
- 1:1 interview with neighbourhood watch leader
- Group interview with and a group leader/civil activist
- Work through Business Model on the white board to identifiy issues
- Collect further user research online/by phone
- Video call with Birmingham Govjam
- Work out what deliverables we would need and from whom
- Prepared our walk through persona and created "the box"
- More rock, paper, scissors
- Presentation to the group
- Collapse!

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