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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Echanges Citoyen

Empowering Citizens for direct participation in public action

The aim of this project is to provide an actionable interface to empower Citizen-Exchanges between public administrations, Enterprises, Citizens and Civil Society.
It is based on 5 "verbs" for action:
- Inform
- Act
- Propose
- Debate
- Fund
- Exchange

For each, we provide a set of guidelines and tools to achieve the specific goal.
This is a demonstrator / proof of concept. It will evolve...

Submission files: 

Loïc, Raymond, Eliane, Isabelle, Malory, Marion, Alexis ( x 2 ), Arnaud, Matteo, Jean-Henry, Hugues, Carlos, Gilbert, et tous les autres ;-)

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