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Oh what a Jam! That was #GGovJam 2017...

on Fri, 05/19/2017 - 06:07

Oh, what a Jam! Fantastic building, testing and iterating global Jammers. Thank you for making #GGovJam a hugely rewarding and successful event. Melbourne is grateful to you all for supporting us to be your HQ host city. 

As cities around the world finished upload their prototypes and showing us how they interpreted the theme, strangers have become friends, we've laughed, we've celebrated, we've been confused, we've been anxious, and together we've made a global jam. Congratulations to you all. To all the hosts, your supporters and sponsors, we salute you. Your love, energy and goodwill is at the heart of the Jam. To the citizens and public servants who've jammed, we salute you, there are no jams without jammers - we hope you take what you've learned and change the worlds around you.

To the Global HQ, all class, grace and humour, Melbourne is so grateful to have hosted you. We've learned so much, cuddled a lot and most importantly, laughed and laughed and laughed. Melbourne's Jam community hopes to see you all in the near future, in other jams and beyond. Keep up with our locations page to follow the world as they complete their challenges and keep the conversation going via the #GGovJam hashtag.

With love and gratitude, the Melbourne team. See you all at Global Sustainability Jam 2017? :)