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Thank you!!!

on Thu, 06/02/2016 - 22:01

The Global GovJam 2016 is over!

Hundreds of Jammers joined together in an amazing 48-hour wave that travelled round the world through 32 cities on 5 continents.
Inspired by one Secret Theme, we worked together at pace, made prototypes, tested them, failed fast and made them again.
We all learned new ways of addressing old issues, made new connections and had a lot of fun in the process.
Thanks to everyone who jammed, mentored and facilitated at a the Jam.
Thanks to the sponsors, venues and other people who made each local Jam happen.
And a special thank you to the amazing individuals who volunteered to host a Jam in their city. Without them, there would be no Jams.
Together you rocked the world of public services!
It wouldn't be a Global Jam without the global team:
Natasche, Markus and Adam, the core team behind all the Global Jams
Matt, Kathryn and the Leeds GovJam volunteers who hosted the Global GovJam HQ for 2016
Ruth who co-initiated the Global GovJam in 2012 and was a great source of help and advice this year & Rafael Poiate who volunteered from Sao Paulo.
We have learned loads and been humbled by the dedication and creativity of Hosts and Jammers around the World.
What happens next? We hope you will take the learning, new connections and Jam spirit back to your everyday life and work. There's no need to wait for the Jam to move forward by showing, not telling; prototypes, not concepts; and doing, not talking.
We're already looking forward to the Global GovJam 2017. We hope you are too!

Thank you! and Jam OFF!
Global GovJam HQ 2016 team
PS: Exciting news coming soon!