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#GGovJam 2016: first local Jam sites announced - and how to add a Jam in your town or city

on Tue, 04/12/2016 - 18:20
From São Paulo to Stockholm and Cairo to Washington DC, the Global GovJam 2016 is already spanning 4 continents! You can see the locations signed up so far.

Could you host GGovJam in your town or city? Here’s how to get on the map...

1) Read the rules for local organisers. Basically, they say:

  • Be ready to find and set up up a suitable location for the Jam (workspace, connectivity, physical requirements). You do NOT need to do this before you register - in fact, it's better to register first. Sometimes, locations will contact you!
  • Be open to everyone, don't push your product or company. Jam on the shared Global Secret Theme.
  • Later, be ready to handle registrations and participant lists (this can be as simple as a Facebook or Eventbrite page...)
  • Be part of the organisers' community (mostly on our Basecamp, but on other platforms too)..
  • Be non-profit.
  • Police the rules, keep the deadlines.
  • Publicise your event, and publish the results.
  • Have fun!

2) If you're OK with the rules, simply shoot us an email marked "I wanna host!" to Please include:

  • The name and email address of the responsible Jam organiser (this will not be published if you do not want us to - if so please inform us)
  • Jam name (please see the rules on Jam names at the Extended FAQ under "What should I call my Jam?")
  • Location (Continent, country)
  • Location Details (Address + zip code - this can be changed later, but we need an initial reference for your jam to be on the map)
  • Public e-mail address for participants to get in touch with your Jam team
  • Public phone number for participants to get in touch with your Jam team
  • Two people to be registered from you jam on our hosts community Basecamp site (name + email + optional phone number for each)
  • A statement that you agree to keep the Rules of the Jam.

3) Rock the public sector!

Still making up your mind? Here are some good things to know about hosting - including the wise words of previous Hosts.

PS - Anyone can host a jam, so sometimes a city can have more than one team wanting to host a jam. Although that would be possible, since there is no exclusivity in the jam, based on our experience one big Jam is a lot more effective and fun than 2 or 3 smaller jams. See the FAQ for more details. :)