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Global HQ Flagship announced

on Mon, 06/08/2015 - 13:13

With hours to go until the Jam starts, the Jamming world will be centered on Ljubljana for three days as the Flagship of JamHQ moves into town. Jam co-initiator Adam Lawrence will vist the Ljubljana Jam and set up the Flagship JamHQ there. As well as HQ helping the local Jammers, some local volunteers will roll up their sleeves to help Jammers worldwide.
"I'm looking forward to meeting the Ljubljana Jammers and press", says Adam, "and seeing how well Slovenia can Jam. Ljubljana has always been a Jam powerhouse and a very innovative location with amazing ideas and a great team working hard to create an absolutely world class event for the participants. I can't wait!"
Speaking for the local organising team, Ana Kyra Becks added, "The Ljubljana GovJam team is excited about having the JamHQ flagship in our city! We think it will show our jammers even more how truly global the event realy is."
Global GovJam is a non-profit event which happens all over the world, run by local Hosts in more than 30 cities and coordinated by an international team of volunteers working all over the planet. Adam Lawrence is Co-Initiator of Global GovJam, Global Service Jam and Global Sustainability Jam, and one of the Jamgineers (global managers) of the GGovJam 2015 edition.