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Munich GovJam

1st of June in a timelapse

on Wed, 06/01/2016 - 19:21

Connecting Start-Ups + Gov Insitutions + citizens / users

on Wed, 06/01/2016 - 16:09

The team is prototyping the (working title) „Goffice". The idea behind it is: Ministries and public institutions open their spaces for start-ups working in their topic area. They offer Start-Ups co-working spaces for free - IN THE MINISTRIES! … This is organized through the „Goffice“ Service: The "Goffice" Kiosk / Truck (mobile, central in the city) as well as the "Goffice" Website THE place to go for citizens, start-ups as well as government employees – it’s an information point / reception with an organizing, guiding and filter function for public innovations. You can go there to inform yourself about which start-ups are working in the public innovation field, you can call "Goffice" to check in for the co-working space at the ministry and you can go to the "Goffice" Kiosk to get connected to the public servant relevant for your start-up idea.

Shifting Focus: It's all about the Gov-Start-Up-Citizen-Interaction

on Wed, 06/01/2016 - 15:59

We continued to get more detailed about ideas around how Europe could accompany every European citizen in important life stages (birth, moving, family creation, death, …) and making the european identity experienceable: From the „Europe says hello“-Welcome Box including a voucher for a service of a european, sustainable Start-Up, to the virtual EU-Monument and the Europe-End-of-Life-Tree ...

Great ideas, interesting approaches ... But ... the team decided to take another road. Focsuing on the ideas around the Gov-Citizen-Interaction Bucket.