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Govjam Hasselt

Why do the participants need to sign up on

on Mon, 05/30/2016 - 10:54

First of all everyone needs to sign up because this is the meaning of being a COMMUNITY!
Sharing knowledge, sharing inspiration, sharing experiences and so on!
It's important to be globally connected to trigger new visions and connections!

Some more selfish reasons:

The Jammer's projects are protected by Creative Commons licensing. This keeps them open for non-commercial (eg academic) use, but the commercial rights belong to the team. Uploading your work makes a permanent legal record of your contribution and rights, clearly linked to your name. Without this record, your work could be stolen. And one day, somebody might buy the project from you...

Uploading gives other Jammers worldwide the opportunity to comment on, contribute to and improve the projects. Visibility makes your projects better - and it might get you some attention from potential collaborators or employers.

Altruistic reasons:

The Jam is a Global event. All over the world, people give a lot of time and money to make it happen. And on these two days, all Hosts and Jammers work really hard. To give that event a meaningful global legacy, we need to upload - or the work disappears when the last Jammer goes home.

The global service design community works hard to support the Jam. The library of online uploads pays them back with a valuable academic resource. Researchers can mine it to see how we are working, what works best, and they can use this knowledge to improve the discipline of service design or design thinking. (There have already been several academic studies based on Jam uploads). In future, organisations might even pay to research this data - which could help pay for the Jam.

Jammy reasons:

Any great event needs a last sprint, a climax. The upload is the finishing line that we all race towards. Without it, where is the fun of beating a deadline?

In music, what's the difference between a rocking Jam and a living-room rehearsal session? It's the audience! With the upload, you have a global audience rocking along. You can show your networks what you are doing, and engage with other teams on a content level.

On a basic level, Jamming is sharing. We share ideas, techniques, motivation, energy, expertise. Sharing the results of the Jam fits that philosophy.