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Sofia GovJam

Personas are on the way

on Thu, 06/11/2015 - 11:47

Our teams spent some time interviewing people, going out on the street, talking to each other, calling friends, and gathering their collective experiences to come up with the persona of the people they are designing the prototypes for - the people who have the biggest pains regarding their challenges.
So far, so good.

Topics we're working on..

on Thu, 06/11/2015 - 09:29

We've interpreted the topic as one that evolves around people - putting the human in the center - be it minorities, students, curious citizens, and so forth.

Some of the topics that the teams are working on are:
- how to make the city "landscape" more attractive
- integration and segregation - how approachable is the information provided, and is this part of the problem, etc.
- how to make monuments and historical landmarks more interesting and valuable to people who are curious to know more about them
- the dialogue between the citizens and the 'closed world' (lack of ownership and responsibility)

Exploring, empathising..

on Thu, 06/11/2015 - 09:20

The teams are getting into defining their challenges, the people they will be designing for, followed by an empathy stage.