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Miami GovJam

Miami GovJam

on Sun, 06/07/2015 - 03:53

The Miami GovJam is a unique professional development opportunity for government workers and all people passionate about civic life. This project-based, hands-on professional training teaches participants how to dramatically increase the efficacy of service delivery and customer satisfaction, while fostering innovation and teamwork within and outside of government.

The Miami GovJam is part of the Global GovJam, a world-wide event that unites people from dozens of cities around the world in a simultaneous workshop where participants design services that improve civic life.

Be part of this global event and join inspired people around the world for 48 hours of learning how to create solutions that help transform the way we serve.

The Miami GovJam is open to all people who care about their community and want to support innovation in the public sector. Government employees, private sector and nonprofit professionals, artists, students, and anyone who is passionate about civic life is welcome to join.