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Kaohsiung GovJam

Trust or Not

on Wed, 06/04/2014 - 16:12

"0" trust toward Government!
No faith and trust in Government!
No efficiency of public service!
Impression about government-Bribe!
Incapability cause less trust to Government!


on Wed, 06/04/2014 - 15:54

This is the first trial Jam in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. There were some trouble occurred in the beginning and some technical issues after we started. Finally, we sat down and talked about GovJam and the theme this year.

At first, I spent some time to introduce GovJam since my members are very strange to this field. Then I shared the theme of this year to encourage them sharing and contribute their thoughts and idea about how to strengthen the trust between government and the public. Unfortunately, 4 members all expressed very negative comments and had no faith in government. Obviously, there is no trust toward government from our team. They expressed their impression about government in a simple word which were all very negative in Chinese language.

Our team didn't have time to come up with prototype of solution or suggestion this time. However, we all agreed to Jam continuously with action soon.

It might not be a mature and successful Jam this time as an organizer this time. But I am glad we initiated it and let my members at least know about GovJam and what we as the citizen can lead our public service by our own action. we will continue to encourage citizens from all fields to Jam about public services.