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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Projects 2017

Awesome! Jammers created 110 projects so far. Keep jamming!


GovJam Melbourne 2017

Saving city dwellers decibel by decibel
Improving patients and visitors experience at hospitals by taking away the stresses of finding a parking spot.
We help public sector employees to improve their productivity , engagement and efficient use of resources.
Make the most of your time commuting
Bringing nature to the urban environment

#GGovJam Global HQ

Wow me em woW!


GovJam Vienna

Creating more green areas without disturbing individual traffic
Change an urban transit road into a liveable urban area
All impotant thinks you should know about your corner in one App
Empowering people to make informed urban mobility decisions based on open data


Curitiba GovJam

Como influências podem despertar o jovem para sua capacidade de mudança e escolha do caminho "do bem"?
Como empoderar o jovem na periferia?
Como criar uma ferramenta que potencialize educação formal e informal nas comunidades?
Como dar ênfase às causas de homicídio entre mulheres, negros, LGBT?
Como atrair jovens da periferia para outras opções além do tráfico?
Como convergir o individualismo dos jovens em redes positivas?
Como empoderar os jovens e aumentar sua participação na vida pública?
Como tornar o jovem protagonista no ambiente social e familiar?

Recife GovJam

Como incentivar pessoas a reciclar seu lixo
Uma solução para a melhoria de parques e praças na nossa cidade.
Public Real Estate
Os Pássaros
Redução das emissões de GEE no transporte através da descentralização das atividades econômicas urbanas
Sinta o verde urbano

Gov Jam São Paulo

Developing more human, inclusive and joyful public spaces in Sao Paulo’s downtow
workspace, transforming, kids
acessibilidade e acolhimento para pessoas com deficiência visual
aqui você tem voz


Bogotá GovJam

The BotKit is a resource to structure investment projects
app, base de datos, gestión del aprendizaje.
Empoderando a un experto a compartir su conocimiento
Herramienta de transferencia de información entre servidores con trayectoria y nuevos servidores del SGR
Conocimiento participativo
Una oreja itinerante pasea por la organización recopilando tips para fortalecer la relación con el territorio.


Helsinki GovJam Viiki

Catch a water ride in Helsinki - additional public transportation on water
We want to introduce low noise and low emission zones in cities for more comfortable and sustainable living
Bringing the nature to those who can't go to the nature

GovJam Helsinki Espa

Opening up public and private gardens to everyone on a one platform.
How to offer nature experiences in everyday life
Control your own chaos
Better one Desk customer experience In public services


GovJam Munich

Take a curious break and learn something new
How can you foster intercultural exchange and social engagement? We found the solution!
Involve people in local political decision making.
Space invadors
Make waiting fun again!
Create a new way of waiting

GovJam Berlin

taking you to the oasis
The Silence Locator helps people find THEIR silent place in the city.
How can we create public space that is accessable throughout the year for me and my child?


Namma Gov Jam

New to the city- easy and clear information for your bus travel
Never been on a public bus?
How might we get a first time user to use the bus service
one bangaluru

Aamchi Mumbai GovJam

Improvement of public transportation for better user experience while keeping low carbon footprint.
How do you control reckless speeding drivers?


Super Gov Jam Rome

Reclaim Your Green



HDOº + Laboratorio Nacional de Políticas Publicas se unen para organizar el CDMX GovJam 2017


Lima GovJam

Semáforo inteligente que castiga a los conductores que tocan la bocina con mayor tiempo de espera


Ljubljana GovJam

EduPlay provide short and long term child care.
A new solution how to enable individually adapted informal education to non-motivated unemployed persons.
A happy waiting room and doctor's office for child patients
redesigning school curriculum
Tool to collect citizens´ initiatives for improving public services
Kratek opis storitve


Zaragoza GovJam

¿Cómo ayudar a un nuevo ciudadano a integrarse en la ciudad?
Reunete en verde
Servicio de movilidad rural mediante transporte colaborativo bajo demanda.
ZARANDANDO. Servicio para fomentar desplazamientos a pie en la ciudad. Service to improve walking.
Creating nice places to improve the quality of life and be happier

Barcelona GovJam

Managing the tourism of the future
Compartint, protegim i posem en valor els Parcs Naturals Catalans
tourism, shared, resources, holidays, neighbours, tourists, coexistence
How could we enjoy a pleasant commuting time?
Improve interaction with citizens, they are not numbers.
Promote local or neighborhood activitities and servicies

Madrid GovJam

Changing city
Development and nature
Evolution and adaptation


GovJam Bern

Deine Reise in die Natur


Bangkok Public Service Jam 2017

Platform which you can spread your ideas and find your ally to collabarate them to become some results.
Mental Rescuer
Improving Bangkok Mass Transit Authority Service
App for kids who Hungry for Learning!
Food cooked by your neighbours.
WSNP Public Park is the public park for the new generation.



leave real life just for few minutes and go bird’s own world, nature.
Easy and delightful transportation experience, transportation community for cyclist, pedestrian, car driver
living together, green in the backyard
How to build little sanctuaries in tiny parks which are in heavy constructed sites.

United Kingdom

Leeds GovJam

Improving the experience for users of buses
"the future of maps"
How to help more people feel the benefits of nature and green spaces around Leeds
Exploring Wildlife In Urban Areas
Do something about pollution
Problem: Collisions caused by distracted drivers
Learn about the sound scape of areas

Dundee GovJam

Personalising public services
An interactive and intergenerational approach to adventuring in Dundee's green space for FREE!
Live the outdoors
Raising awareness, usage and connections of public spaces.
Exploring the issues around transport, commuting, homeworking and everything else
Improving urban air pollution in high impact areas
Transforming the way we Change WITH our citizens
In a fast paced life - a place of calm
Bringing your journey to life.

United States

Houston GovJam

Leaf Life City: A step closer to nature