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Projects 2016

Awesome! Jammers created 125 projects so far. Keep jamming!


GovJam Melbourne

Global taste, local flavour
CommUnity: Creating Connections
Rock all over the clock
A local ride sharing services to connect young people in rural areas to learning and development opportunities
Don't waste your talent


GovJam Vienna

Government Network Austria Virtuelle Verwaltung Österreich
An app for the public service sector.
a shaming award for the worst public services.


Govjam Hasselt

Oh, I Still Can
Op zoek naar hulp voor je kind, volg Alpha
Love in action - H³ (head - heart - hands)
Verenigingen en scholen versterken elkaar ovv zinvolle vrijetijdsbesteding

GovJam Gent

App to help people who need care to go through their day independently
ondersteunign i nde vor mvan informatie en begrip vanuit de lokale gemeenschap
SPOC - one single checkup point
Vereenvoudigen van de administratieve last voor mensen met een chronische ziekte

Govjam Brussel

Breng het gemeentebeleid op tafel!
Zoek het niet te ver! Je buurt heeft meer te bieden dan je denkt.


Gov Jam São Paulo

#Toinovando #inovacao #youth #jam
What if the people can feel being citizens in a virtual place?
It is a Youth Olympic Game where learning to collaborate and create collective solutions is the prize.
Estimular a participação dos pais nas atividades da escola dos filhos
Elevando a confiança dos usuários da rede pública de saúde a partir de um serviço humanizado e eficiente.
Ferramentas para empoderar as pessoas em situação de rua

GovJam Londrina

O Segredo para o Acesso
#informação #acessibilidade #facilidade
Government Solutions to Improve the tourists experiences during in the Olympic Games 2016
Como Integrar a Multiculturalidade Social na Cidade de Londrina - How to Integrate Social Multiculturalism
conecting city
Comunicação e Interface entre as instituições públicas e a sociedade

Curitiba Gov Jam

cocriation, colaboration, city, pratic action, protagonism, integration, solving city problems, citizens
O que você quer fazer por Curitiba?
tourism, residents, trip, connecting people, security
#citizenengagment #cityhub #customerjourneymap #transparency #empowerment #accountability

Recife GovJam

Compartilha, em tempo real, as informações dos serviços públicos disponíveis mais próximo do cidadão.
Orientar as pessoas que precisam encontrar um emprego, capacitação ou empreender.

GovJam Floripa

Informações em tempo real sobre o transporte público
Programa de vivência política para crianças nas escolas
Aplicativo que visa conectar os cidadãos ao governo municipal
Plataforma de gestão de pessoas para prefeitura municipal


Bogotá GovJam

Empowerment and entrepreneurship for highschool students. / Emprendimiento para jóvenes de grados 10 y 11.
Devolverles a los presidiarios un rol en la sociedad al hacerlos productivos
Herramienta digital que conecta tus necesidades y problemas cotidianos con las entidades que le dan solución
Es la solución para mejorar la atención en salas de urgencias y hacer seguimiento al estado de los pacientes.
Ayudamos a reinsertados y victimas de la violencia para que se conecten con la sociedad desde sus talentos
Educative campaign to teach the importance of participation through voting for a just and free society
Construyendo redes de valor para las victimas del post conflicto Colombiano
Plataforma gubernamental de historias clínicas y datos estadísticos de las empresas del sector de la salud.

Czech Republic

GovJam Brno 2016

Uninhabitable apartments come to life as volunteers and experienced mentors work together to repair them.
Intergenerational experience sharing


Toulouse GovJam

The Public Services have time for you and with you !
Regained dialogue


Munich GovJam

The website IS the prototype: check it out!



Dealing with homelessness? Get savvy.
Explore, experience, learn new things
The public sector where, when, how you need.


Rotterdam GovJam

To bring the true stories from inside the prison to the outside world. To tell the "gevangen verhalen"
We improve the parking experience at Rotterdam by a hacking city council parking house using local currency
A concept to trigger people to take care of eachother in Rotterdam-Noord
Create your own future!
Samen goed wonen


Krakow Pirate Jam

#sasiedzi #naklejki #przyjaznysasiad #dobrerelacje #jakosczycia #zyciewmiesie
bus stop to talk, talk, bus, stop, people, small-talk, together, nice, yolo, chat, connecting people
Here is a project which can help people to overcome the fear of otherness.
Here is a project which can help people to overcome fears of cultural strangers.
zoo animlals comunication team buld new way of tlking

Warsaw GovJam 2016

Multicultural Exchange
#generationgap #integration #family #relation #interaction
Change, Fear, status Quo,
How can we help neighbors get to know each other?

Lodz GovJam

Junky stuff supplying pleasureable environments
brain, thoughts, decoder


Madeira Gov Jam

getting oriented through an interactive kiosk
Comunication isues

Puerto Rico

San Juan GovJam 2016

Engaging youth through education via technology.
Green is our name. Energy is our game.
Change the system, not the transportation

Saudi Arabia

Riyadh GovJam2016

Where entertainment and government services finally come together!
One Stop Shop for all government services required from birth to death living in Saudi Arabia


Barcelona GovJam

Adapted city for a sustainable mobility
Promote the creativity in the public administration and make it visible
Banc de talent per conectar i innovar socialment
My precious could be our precious!!!
Turning borders into bridges
make possible collaboration between people alone/disabled and volunteers.
make the best of your journey. help people who are not able to move
Easying the language for a better understanding.
CCompartir habilitats,recursos i experiències



Embodies the values and enables the Living Lab initiative approach


Chiang Mai Public Service Jam

Easy traffic rules
Air Pollution Alert App and Air Pollution Treatment Service Station
Childern to school,fast to school

Khonkaen Public Service Jam

Thailand funeral processes
Urban Infrastructure, Community information
บริการสาธารณะ / รถสองแถว

Bangkok Public Service Jam

Learning adventure,redesigning for education for students in upcountry
Your path in your hand.
Turn newbie travelers into expert explorers
improve foot path in Bangkok area for all, for better life.
Service that brings 60+ elderly and new generation doing activities together

United Kingdom

Leeds GovJam 2016

Linking people and services
Finding ways for local voices to be heard - without having to go to a meeting!
Have you thought about your digital footprint?
Report a problem in your open space
Play the game. Then iterate.
"Keep calm and carry on"

Brum Gov Jam

Helping people belong in the workplace since 2016
The journey from Individuals to Teams via Collectives

United States

DC Gov Jam

Making Transit Riders experience better!

Miami GovJam

Expanding EGov app to all municipalities of Miami-Dade and how to make people aware of the app
report complaints anywhere in miami Dade county
MIAMIGOVNAV will help businessowners get their required licenses and permits completed in a timely manner.
Smooth sailing through Government information to better assist inquiries
app accesses info & services from all local governments in Miami-Dade
Breaking barriers to better serve cities!