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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Projects 2014

Awesome! Jammers created 127 projects so far. Keep jamming!


BAGovJam (Buenos Aires)

Como hacer operativa la Planificación Participativa
Plataforma virtual que busca acercar el Estado al ciudado, haciéndolo parte.


redesigning government | melbourne govjam 2015

2CBD makes your journey to work easy, affordable and enjoyable, by matching you with the perfect carpool buddy
Providing primary school (5-12) children with the skills to be more self-aware
A Doorway to better student life
Evergreen connects people over 50 with work opportunities, friendship and a healthy work/life balance.
A service which connects isolated children with neighbours through a pet share program.


Government jam Antwerp

Every house tells a story
Head today for the city of the future
Free information catered to your needs.
How medical date from GP files can be made available to researchers in public health and care.
Creating a better company culture


Give your Civil marriage a personal touch.
Connect with your neighbourhood
My TaxPack trip, when a 'have to' becomes a 'want to'!


GovJam São Paulo

Integração; Capacitação; Inovação; Colaboração; Governo; Servidor Público; Colaboratório
Promovendo a integração entre o Imigrante e o Nacional
promover renda extra e integração de pessoas da terceira idade/ promote seniors integration on society
A Solution to bridge government services to citizens
The Neighborhood Angels Program: How to help those who help transform their neighborhood
The Neighborhood Angels Program: How to help those who help transform their neighborhood

GovJam Brasília

Projeto de aplicativo que dê voz aos jovens em relação aos serviços de alimentação escolar governamentais
A all-in-one public service central, organized by life situations
Ferramenta para sugestão de ideias, práticas, melhorias, inovação no serviço público


Vancouver Gov Jam

We want to provide cool Air Conditioning to change the world in the heat of summer
We're full of stripes!
Bighorns with big ideas.


Bogotá Gov Jam

Queremos transformar de una manera positiva la experiencia del transporte público en Bogotá
Making access to public education much easier and faster.
Plataforma de movilización ciudadana
the difference between to swill and to noursih!
Citizens follow up public works


GovJam Turku (Åbo) 2015

Gather Experience Together.
Getting Control of Your Online Life.


Government Jam Berlin

How might we improve career orientation?
D-Gerät is a device and app that welcomes immigrants by offering information and connectivity to locals.



Finding Information System that is accessible for people with disabilities.
A city complete. Revitalize your city's public spaces by giving them back to its people
SKEPI brings citizen service to your home


Banana GovJam

Y si, si podemos hacer algo para reducir el trafico en nuestras vias?
Experiencias que empoderan y dan acceso a la expresion ¡Empieza a vivir tu pasión!


GovJam Jakarta 2015

Empowering Women Entrepreneur By Arisan
Informasi adalah kunci (information is the key)
How do you feel about your local services...? So go tell them!
Giving Vocational Students the chance to shine through healthy competition
Flamengo: Empowering Women to Eradicate Poverty



The tools for public administrations to share good practices and create impact


GovJam Luxembourg

Sall initiatives supported by local governments? Lets make our city more friendly!
support system for neighbours to encourage them to share with each other (app)


Rotterdam GovJam 2015

Positive and personal approach of people building debts
Een bakkie en een babbel
gedragsverandering door beweging en bewustwording
In gesprek over uw huis en straat
In gesprek over uw huis en straat
Your digital assistent

New Zealand

GovJam – Wellington 2015

Time to play
Finding the Way: Make Government Services more Visible
Inclusion of Refugees
Unlocking Play
Peter Parker lost a pickle in his pineapple pyjamas
What's in the box? Whoop! Whoop!


Warsaw Gov Jam 2015

A nice project for active people from Warsaw who want to travel safely, without obsticles and easily by bike.
Meet your neighbors and create the space around you
All you need to be sure of to safely drink tap water.

Krakow Marshallmallow Jam

Streamlining innovation processes in institutions
Simple identification system in healthcare.
Park where people share, decide and cooperate using our system of cable and handset.

GovJam Lublin 2015 - Miasto Zmian. Zmiana miasta

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." Gain work experience and practice in one.


Madeira GovJam

A service that connects the unemployed skilled persons with local businesses and new entrepreneurial ideas

Coimbra Gov Jam

Criatividade e Cultura em eventos e manifestações públicas urbanas
Desenvolver o empreededorismo social

Saudi Arabia

Riyadh GovJam 2015

Dispatching Emergency Personnel in a Push of a Button
Make relocation journey a joyful one



Let's give caregivers of persons with mental health conditions a better chance!
Making info accessible by bringing it to wherever the elderly are.


Ljubljana Gov Jam 2015

How can we help foreigners to have a better experience at public health services?
Non-monetary exchange of goods and services (for members of an organization)
Increasing trust between citizens and public administration


Madrid GovJam

How to chose your right school?
Accesible culture for young people
A anonymous online platform with open information that aims at decoding big data from a user friendly approach
Recetas deportivas para el bienestar. Sporting recipe. Health. Fitness. Sports. Change Habits

Barcelona GovJam

How might we share responsibilities in strategic projects?
Support and help carers of people with dementia
How to creat happy services?
The "key" that substitutes all the cards you have in the wallet


GovJam Stockholm

Framtidshackarna skapar delaktighet mellan medborgare och myndigheter
Project Infophone investigates how the government can reach all people in a certain area in of a great danger.
We make information exchange between governmental institutions and citizens simple and seamless.



Nous essayons de trouver des solutions pour humaniser les relations entre l'état et le public
Together let's improve the courtesy at the ticket-window
Empowering Citizens for direct participation in public action
Adding entertainment and humor to the event


Tainan GovJam

Make tourists and residents closer!
#Community_based _tourism #Life #LOHAS #TainanCity #Local_Charm


Bangkok Public Service Jam 2015

Application 1 ID B HEALTY
#SurvivalBox #SafetyHome #Elderly
We are GovFix, the prototype of BKK public service jam 2015 "ถ่าย-ซ่อม-เมือง"
#safety #alarm #women #senior #bathroom #govjam #accident
Mental Insurance
Your Commuting Campanion
Alert people in the city


Istanbul Gov Jam

An online and offline platform integrating citizens with the local government

United Kingdom

Birmingham Gov Jam - SpaghettiJams

Don't get angry, get active!
Initiate, connect, demonstration

Leeds GovJam

Sorting it for everyone
How to make it easier to inform services of your new details & better retain ownership of your own data
Re-use everything
How might we make the experience of finding and accessing government services simpler
Connecting people experiencing poverty with ethical businesses looking to reuse their food waste
Keep on Cooking
Connecting information, decision making and community action


Who’s Essex? – identifying common challenges to us all in Essex.
Quickly check which public services you need to update or change when you move house.
GovFix - could you do it better?
The ones that got away
Uniting communities through small acts of kindness.

United States

Miami GovJam

A Global Community Platform
A Carpooling Community
Love the place you live. TruCity helps you learn about your area, talk about its issues, and get involved.