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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Projects 2014

Awesome! Jammers created 108 projects so far. Keep jamming!


GovJam Vienna

govjam, public services, online, digital


Ottawa GovJam 2014

Connecting change makers inside and outside of government
Bringing you a #GOC Twitter Guarantee through a service standard on response times and internal gamification.
Gov bringing public service design prototypes to the public
Restoring trust in government through citizen engagement in community improvement
One stop shop for all gov. levels to simplify access to key public services


Santiago Govjam

Información fácil de entender y motivadora sobre los programas concursables del gobierno
Conecta, Acciona e Impacta .
Conecta, Acciona e Impacta .
Conecta, Acciona e Impacta .
Proyecto para lograr la meta de la OMS, satisfacer el 100% de dadores de sangre al 2020
Mejorar la participación ciudadana a través de un sistema para ser incorporado en el reglamento
Sistema digital de participación ciudadana
Agente de cambio educacional
comunidad, banco de tiempo, junta de vecinos, municipalidad, recursos municipales, servicios


Bogotá GovJam

Canal de comunicacion directo entre el ciudadano y el sistema de transporte publico
Plataforma para la transparencia en contratación pública.
Empoderando ciudadanos para organizarse, tomar decisiones y crear proyectos para mejorar su comunidad
Información con confianza
Informacion y monitoreo en tiempo real para generar confianza en la ejecucion de infraestructura vial
Tus servicios del hogar en un solo lugar.
citizen service system based on human connections


Helsinki GovJam 2014

Let us know what Government needs to do for you
Mentoring matchmaking service for bringing up educated immigrants and retired Finnish professionals
Plan(t) your own city together by planting an apple tree. We make green Helsinki!


GovJam Hamburg

...connects passionate craftsmen on- and offline to share their skills.
Building Networks, common experience, social power
Learning from public spaces to create trust
Connecting public serving ideas with resources.
Trust Your Abilities



Emoticon voting system
community and smart cities
Tips and cool stuff about Milan from the community to the community


A bridge between the Public Administration, the Association and the private citizens.


GovJam Fukuoka

Let’s share a bit of your thing with others through our A BIT SHARE board!
regain the trust

GovJam Tokyo

A PHYSICAL SNS SERVICE that checked in daily with all residents.
If we have social allotment using rooftops of buildings in the city, our future have to be happy!

Korea, Republic of

Seoul GovJam

Aging Society
Local community service for encouraging the elderly's social engagement in the ageing society
Treasure Hunting, children's happiness, education environment
Encouraging an Innovative Culture for Super Working Women In South Korea
Sharing Dreams, Hobbies - for children


Rotterdam GovJam 2014

Supporting Unemployed Self Starter
Tap into great potential over a cup of coffee
Education and government in touch
looking for our superhero
Entrepreneurs and inspectors both aim for attractive, vibrant and safe establishments. This case provides solu

New Zealand

GovJam Whangarei

Giving our young citizens the opportunity to say "Yeah, Nah".


GovJam Oslo

Involving the citicens in development of their community
Project about mothers
Creative workshop about the area of Tøyen, Oslo
Enhancing already existing social structures using storytelling across established boundaries
From Rust to Trust
Utlånsskur for initiativer på tøyen

Planet Earth

Global HQ Team

Distillery synth fixie Austin church-key, selvage DIY twee kitsch cliche.


Warsaw GovJam 2014

Jak zaktywizować społeczność lokalną do zgłaszania własnych projektów?
Poprawa rozpoznawalności Muzeum Niepodległości w przestrzeni miejskiej. Improving the visibility of the Museum
Jak zachęcić do digitalizacji swoich archiwów ?
zachęta galeria

Szczecin Jams

A city game that help to discover young talented artist and promote them
Ideas to action.
Ideas to action.
Find friends to enjoy the culture events


Ljubljana GovJam

Connecting talented young people with ideas and skills to start new business ventures.
Jam for Teachers, Students & Principals
Local community motivator - a people's person, offering support for local change
How to motivate employees in public sector to give better services?
Better education through collaboration


Barcelona GovJam

Share / Create / Vote / Comment / Public Gov. Employees & Citizens together! Welcome to Co.crea!
Colaborative space to find quick solutions for problems of your city
Let's get the public administrators out of their buildings, to meet real people!
Public transport and mobility are still big challenges for metropolitan areas

Ponte GovJam

A web space where everyone can share problems, ideas, opinions.


GovJam Stockholm

A co-operative service where fellow citizens can ask questions to authorities through a big amount of channels
How to create a plattform to help the goverments undertand what the citzens wants and expact in service
We give global citizens ability to register as such and become official members of the global community



Together let's improve the courtesy at the ticket-window


GovJam Taipei

Contribute to the process of urban renewal
How could we legalize same-sex marriage in Taiwan?
Improving the communication between people and government officials to make our society a better place.
The core is to protect the people who may face the problem of urban renewal.


Bangkok Public Service Jam

Smooth as silk, biking in Bangkok !
Let's take a ferry today...
The Government Hospital
footpath space arrangment
Ride with us and you'll never get lost
Smart Connected Machine
The bus station you can trust!!!

United Arab Emirates

Dubai GovJam

Authority for automative governance
#Water #Electricity #CSR
building transparency and consistency in public sector to build trust
building transparency and consistency in public sector to build trust
Together to change rust into TRUST

United Kingdom

Leeds GovJam 2014

Trying to improve access to appropriate healthcare services for everyone
Bridging the NEET GAP with EYE Know This
Healthcare users feedback, open.
Redesigning feedback for residents of high rise tenancies
Trust us to get your opinion heard
What does wellbeing mean? And what can we do to influence a sense of wellbeing?

X-Jam Gov

Rust is beauty
T(ea) brings people together

Manchester GovJam

Get Involved, Vote, Improve

United States

GovJam CLE

A neighborhood laboratory