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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Projects 2013

Awesome! Jammers created 128 projects so far. Keep jamming!


Tirana GovJam

Unexplored common public spaces unmapped


Perth GovJam

Track and manage your consumption of resources. Change your life, change the future, keep the change!
An innovative approach to bridge the gap between the community and Local Government
Access government info fast
online social enterprise incubator
Fast track your child's learning with Jumping Jack Dragon
One number- all the services
Semi-pemanent destinations at stations making public transport more engaging

Canberra GovJam

Communities Innovating To Cook Healthy
Taming monsters (complex social issues) through radical community + government collaboration.
Increasing vocabulary, literacy and language for Australian children

GovJam Melb

Tacking Youth Unemployment
youth unemployment process research development how to solve scenarious


Public Service Jam Graz

Enabling conscious, sustainable consumer behavior


GovJam Montréal

Occupy the law...
Tame the Dragon
Our mission is to create a cultural, attitudinal and psychological shift in how government works.
Moving Ideas Forward
Réseau de partage communautaire en zone rurale

GovJam Toronto

Learn - Engage - Make a Difference
Entrepreneurializing Public Services
Boldly going where no student has gone before
Using public spaces to support community projects
Your money, your ideas, your choice.

Costa Rica

Chepe GovJam

Buscar el bienestar emocional a travez del arte
No deseches genera bienestar
Means to a more efficient use of energy.
Join the brotherhood
ecologia motivada
Habitat estudiantil para parques urbanos
ocio & entretenimiento... Info Tico
Liked Jurasic Park? What about a Dragon Park? Now imagine a Zaguate Paradise?
Un servicio colocado de empleo, para los adultos mayores .
Muppi interactivo para mantener a sus niños ocupados mientras uno esta en el banco
Energía, sustentable, solar, reciclaje
Costa Rica tiene algo mas que factores ecológicos, ¿quisieras conocer más?
Participá, es tu ciudad!
Las bibliotecas toman vida y van a la gente.


GovJam Turku

Bus Stop Signal System
Re-defining unemployment as an opportunity for personal growth and finding a new career.
ServiceStar provides you with efficient and easy Health Care

Helsinki GovJam

Delegating secondary business priorities for the employment of young people.
Increasing alcohol-free happiness and social interaction
Pop-up material recycling workshops in urban public space
Co-designing transparent municipal processes

GovJam Tampere

Opens the decision making in public sector and enables citicens to participate in their given location
B2B = Building2Building | Intelligent sharing of spaces from organizations enabling open innovation



crowdsourcing open data to solve everyday problems
How to develop an Open Data culture within public services
What user centred process to implement new tools within the administration ?
The one user feedbacks public services app

Orleans GovJam

JobsBox aims to help people thinking about their professionnal future through an innovative & experiencing way
Help people in dependance in their first access to services


Gov Jam Berlin

Kreativer Freitag
We are not afraid!
Schätze heben / Unveil the treasures



discover the fabulous world of the P.A.
Casa mia in strada (the street is my home)
Ecosystem of islands - Technology and traditions
Fun in movement
Public space which serves your ideas


Let's join a design jam session in your neighborhood!
Report city problems, become an expert hunter and kick all dragons away
Opportunities and facilities of PA closer than ever
The project aims to help foreign people living in Italy in the process of taking stay permit.
prototype 3b
prototype 3

Bologna GovJam

Policy particle accelerator


A bridge between the Public Administration, the Association and the private citizens.


GovJam Klaipeda

Volunteering to government.
Advertising platform for Klaipeda city events
Healthy doctor, healthy patient
Engaging citizens in order to make the city lively


Gov Impact Jam KL

towards a service that will serve you better...
my home is my paradise


Public Service Jam Eindhoven

Life Coach is a way of supporting vulnerable people in communities
New imago proposition for the Royal Dutch Forces


Szczecin GovJam

draGov is a smartphone application which is a time saver both for administration offices and their clients

Warsaw GovJam

Poprawa rozpoznawalności Muzeum Niepodległości w przestrzeni miejskiej. Improving the visibility of the Museum
Open space to exchange skills, talents, experiences between generations.
We set the venues free! Lokalsi give the public property to the people.
An app connecting bikers with officials for better planning the cycle path system.
Application enabling solve social problems associated to urban space

GOV JAM Poznań

Helping prisoners get back in sync with reality, rebuild self-esteem and get a job.
Improving your way to get back to health.

Krakow Mangov Jam

I was Bad
Retropracownia, retro workshop, Social Care Home, Expression, Artist, Students, Elderly, Movies,



Rede de suporte social para a comunidade de Coimbra

Russian Federation


busines for life
a map of strange, interesting and extreme places


Ljubljana GovJam

Participate in a governmental changes by suggesting your improvement proposals.
Meant to be better
Citizen's control pannel for administrative issues
Connecting talented young people with ideas and skills to start new business ventures.
Activating citizens with Hero Citizen Award for their contributions


Barcelona GovJam

Cultural paradigm shift on death interpretation through public intervention
Cap a nous espais de relació
Let's get the PA out of their buildings, to meet real people!
New ideas from old knowledge
Xarxa de talent a l'exterior / Network of overseas talent
TV programme on public servants in different countries
Bring together govs and citizens!

United Kingdom

X Jam Gov

community, young people, safe spaces
Bridging the gap between people's fears.
Tools to gather and share our stories in person and online

United States

SF Public Design Jam

Design from above
Overcoming financial hardship with help from people like you.
Charting the journey for the homeless
Gov't sponsored space and resources for people who are experiencing social and emotional isolation
Finding Guides for the Civic Wilderness
Connecting teachers with community advocates
Friends when you need them

LA GovJam

Removing access barriers to City Hall - literally
Where small businesses and Gov’t collaborate on stories that matter.
Empowering people, connecting communities, cutting red tape
A look at transforming the Los Angeles Public Transit system to encourage drivers to ride the bus.
A Decision Making Toolkit

5280 Civic Jam

Helping seniors stay moving while connecting the community.
A public library program connecting generations in the kitchen
Building skills and matching teens to job opportunities

NYC GovJam

Hunting Through the Foggy Markets