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service design for bus rapid transportation stop

providing individual area,everyone can have his own air in his own way,with less distortion.
Project description: 

1. Imagine a bus station
2. writing the scene of getting of a bus: you have to use a charged card or giving money to the bus man, passing the gate, have a decision for the place you will stand and wait for the bus because sometimes there is no row for ridding the bus, you have to wait in this crowded inadequate place while you don’t know when the next bus will come, when the bus come right through the getting in doors you have to fight for ridding or maybe there is no space for another one and you have to wait more for the next bus.
3. Story boarding the problems
4. Focus on solving them and having some ideas
5. Talking together about the changes we can make in the story
6. Selecting the things that can direct the story in the way which will decrease the tense and make this place more desirable.
7. Oh! Time’s up!

Everyday life
Submission files: 
Team photo: 

Ehsan Taghaddosi was the most experienced person in the team and he direct the arguments also manage the time.
Amir5 is a talented first year student who has bright ideas and is also very good at sketching
Amir Asadi is a first student having so much energy for solving the problems around as a industrial design student.
Hosna Falsafi is the 3rd year student which regards to taking part in this team and the project and also managed the profiles of the team members and sent the files to the site group.

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