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Speedy Govalez

A gymkhana with administrative procedures to speed up governments
Project description: 

Dealing with the public administration can be a high-risk mission. Think, for example, the number of different steps involved in a change of residence. You should update your data in several public bodies, change your doctor, get a parking permit, pay some local taxes you do not even know...

Interestingly, each administration ignores the whole process suffered by the citizen. Getting unified information is impossible, let alone to solve everything in one touch.

We citizens can help the government to help us better.

The idea is to launch a gymkhana in which the citizen is surpassing the administratives requirements and leaves behind traces of how it has solved. Information issued by the contestant, through your mobile phone, is fueling a map. In this map we see the different steps involved, the time resolution of each, satisfaction with the service and any missteps. The map is provided to governments, along with suggestions for improvement, to simplify procedures and to provide a single access. The ultimate goal would be "solve everything in one touch." In addition, the map serves as a useful road map for other travelers, with recommendations for how to suffer less.

Everyday life
Team photo: 

From left to right Aitzol, Alorza, Asier, Joselu & Primi

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