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Project description: 

PROJECT DESCRIPTION - game4change is a proposal for a fun, innovative and interactive way of problem solving in a public administration. It looks at the current rigid system of the government and aims to redefine the working of the system by adding fun of games and competition to increase the level of interactions among the co-workers and the public.

WHAT WE WISH TO DO - game4change is a multi-discplinary team competition designed within the government system to help solve problems by creating collaboration and interaction within the employees. It starts with the web platform where problems are published every month as selected by the government or the public. The platform is available to the public inorder to keep the working transparent and to increase the interaction between the government and the public.The platform also help employees to form their teams such that people from different departments work together for the initiative and share their knowledge and skills with one another.

Every month employees take a certain percentage [approx 20%] off their regular work on game4change initiatives.Through the process of brainstorming the teams discuss the problems and work out different solutions.The teams then compete with one another at various levels and the final solution is then selected by the government and presented on the web platform. The public are allowed to vote for their favourite solution online on the web platform.

The final selected solution is then executed and the winning team get the prize of bonus holidays to enjoy.

WHY IS IT COOL – Every government has to face several daily problems. But according to us their main concern should be their internal lack of communication. Our proposal aims to increase interaction and knowledge sharing through collaboration among the public servants. It also helps reduce the communication gap between administration and the public.

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