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Save & Swap

How to manage and reduce water consumption
Project description: 

Water consumption reduction is an (inter)national public issue. French governement's objective is to achieve a 20% reduction of water consumption between now and 2020.
To tackle this issue, we imagined Save & Swap, a service with a double objective:
- increase public awareness of water consumption and facilitate an efficient management
- encourage people to adopt new behaviors to reduce their water consumption

Save & Swap website is connected to water meters. Thus people have an overview of their water consumption and can compare it to local, regional or national consumption averages.
Save & Swap also proposes incentives, encouraging people to reduce their water consumption. The less they consume, the more "points" they earn. These points can be converted into two kinds of rewards: vouchers that one can use in public-related areas & activities (culture, sports, public administrations) or donations to public institutions / green projects.

The business model will mainly rely on sponsorship: companies related to products, services and all kind of initiatives about water savings will be able to advertise on the website.

Thanks to Save & Swap, individuals play an active role in their water consumption and can "invest" efforts in other public services... That's why it is so cool!!!

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Mathieu Planchais
Aude Lore
Loic Bronnec
Medhi Vilquin
Thomas Thibault
Aashild Stav
Cécile Vandermarcq
Natalie Ortiz
Charlotte Terrien
Christophe Tallec

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