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recyclable trash

Project description: 

we designed a product for encorage people to gadering recyclable gurbage in aspecific place.
this encoragement can be give a gift that has produced by recycled trash. for example a pencil, a notbook and...

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Nat-tastic's picture

Is there any more details for this?

We have a problem in our city where residents do not take the old televisions to the garbage tip - they leave it on their front lawn/ nature strip hoping the council will pick it up for them?

How would the incentives work?

 kooroshkhanmohammadi's picture

the gift of this ashcan are a product that made of Recycled trash materials
for example a glassy idol is a gift for your anny glassy trashs

reza_habibpour's picture

Dear Nat
You're right it is really difficult!
our project is about collection small garbage ,
I am interested and if I find a good solution i send you.
have a good time

Alikazam's picture

I really like this! Space and storage could be a problem but I am sure there are many ways around that.