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A new experience of communication

Project description: 

We created a new way of interaction between people from different areas of a city ( Tehran) while they exchange their goods and services.It helps people have a new experience of meeting people and acquiring their necessities instead of geting rid of wastes and serving their abilities.It results in communication between different kinds of people in a society.

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Nat-tastic's picture

I like this idea of trading services. Many people do not have a lot of money but have needs. In areas where there are a lot of unemployment this could be useful. For instance, people who can garden would offer their time to improve street scapes for their neighbours whilst those who have carpentry skills can fix parts of the house for others etc. Someone that has a lot of vegetables can swap this or offer help around the house or travel help etc.

I wander if the key is not to store credits or trade services (ie incurs taxation questions) but to 'help' others? Friends do this all the time! Might inspire neighbour hood renewel and community pride.

Another thing to safeguard is not to allow the councils to think they can avoid providing services - ie, using this as a substitute!