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Smart Fail: don't waste your mistakes

Smart fail- don't waste your mistakes
Project description: 

Smart Fail is a service for members of the public service- fresh and new or wiser and more experienced.

It's a connection point for sharing stories of 'lessons learned' and tips for future projects- to avoid pitfalls.

This government-sanctioned site will easily enable people to connect with each other, create videos, build diagrams, directly talk via Skype or phone, read stories, comment on other people's work, rate usefulness of contributions.

Too many times across the public service, the same mistakes are being made again and again.
Now there is a service that helps you share what you have learned from your mistakes.

Everyday life
Team photo: 

Paulette Paterson
Mylee Joseph
Tash Biggs
Matthew O'Neil.
Cindy Chambers
Jane Wallis

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