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mii - My Internet Identity

The next time your husband puts something in a 'safe place' make sure it is mii - the official document safe
Project description: 

"mii" is being developed as a simple digital safe to help the Australian communinty to keep their official digitised secure while controlling who can see what.

Everyday life
Team photo: 

Marcus the Jam photographer, for lending us a USB stick
Gavin the Jam illuscriber, for drawing Sally, Paul, Chloe and Adam
The Inspire Centre team, for the awesome spaces
The GovJAMHQ crew, for facilitating the magic

Your Jam: 


Saleh Amini's picture

Hi guys
This project is great. the prototype is well presented.
You thought it through and down to details, it was
great to see your prototype.

Peter's picture

Thanks Saleh.

There are many technical challenges to overcome with this but it is rooted in the idea that many government agencies already have their own way of uniquely identifying us individually. So, it is possible to combine those ways to create a trusted way of establishing a definitive identity.